Lobster Ink is the hospitality education system that educates staff and management within the hospitality industry worldwide, using the most detailed, high-definition courses on international skills, international standards and product knowledge.

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Lobster Ink course content is based around four pillars - International Skills, International Standards, Product Knowledge and Tailored Standards. The Lobster Ink International Skills portfolio was established in order to afford new levels of detail to the skills, procedures, and etiquette that underpin world class service offerings.

The Product Knowledge portfolio is based around the world's most detailed and extensive media courses on high end product categories like Whisky, Wine, Brandy and Rum - with internationally acclaimed specialists as your expert guides.

International Standards courses focus on training staff members on content aligned to standards authorities in a number of departments - from Richey and LQA, to HACCP and Fire Safety. These courses aim to take generic standards and bring them to life, explaining the details and reasons behind the standards, and how to add detail, personality and charm at each step.

Tailored Content

In the Tailored Standards component of the system, Lobster Ink becomes a platform for the education of what makes your brand special - a conduit capturing the golden thread that binds all of the unique establishments in the group together. This is done by filming dedicated lessons in the curriculum format based around your brand's culture, philosophy, inductions, orientations SOPs and unique offerings. Once incorporated into the Lobster Ink platform, these Tailored Standards come to life like never before - transporting, inspiring and engaging staff members from all learning styles, generations and cultures.

Education Platform

Lobsterink.com is completely focused around the provision of simple, powerful tools to empower and inspire each individual's education process. In contrast to the countless 'Learner Management Systems' that have been around for the last two decades, the Lobster Ink platform is intent on creating an intuitive, premium experience that focuses on education, learning and development.

Manager Portal

The goal of the Lobster Ink Manager Portal is to provide simple, effective tools for the management, measurement and analysis of the performance of staff members as they progress through the Lobster Ink system. Every interaction that a staff member has on lobsterink.com becomes a powerful point of reference for managers and training directors who are following the progress of the staff members in their team. Powerful data, document management, and student management tools will help to facilitate any training initiatives, and the detailed reporting engine will generate detailed analytical data about the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals in each department, providing a much needed focus for any live training, support or additional resources needed to resolve any shortcomings in procedural or product knowledge.