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Training is critical to public health - now more than ever

Businesses around the world are navigating unforeseen challenges relating to public health. Added to this pressure is the fact that building consumer confidence has never been more important.


The Essential Public Health program aims to address these challenges by ensuring that associates have the know-how they need to act in accordance with the new best practice guidelines, and respond in a way that fosters guest confidence.

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The most urgent health and safety topics at any given time

Developed with Ecolab experts and informed by the best practice guidelines provided by the CDC and WHO, this release focuses on combating the spread of Coronavirus - covering topics like COVID-19 basics, social distancing, heightened cleaning standards and more. As new information arises and requirements change, the Essential Public Health program will continue to evolve and grow to cover the topics that matter most at any given time.


Learn now and apply on the next shift.

Short lessons focus on specific learning outcomes.

Video and interactive lessons with assessments.

Widely applicable
Across Lodging, FSR, QSR and FRS.

Additional topics are added over time.

Essential Public Health curriculum overview

Four short courses will equip your frontline with the know-how they need to respond to the challenges of our new normal.

Reducing Exposure to COVID-19

Explains what we know about COVID-19 and provides guidelines that help reduce its spread such as social distancing, proper hand hygiene, wearing face coverings and staying home if you’re not well.

Lessons: 4

Heightened Cleaning & Disinfecting

Provides the correct steps to properly clean and disinfect food contact and non-food contact surfaces.

Lessons: 4

Effective Use of Face Coverings & Gloves

A practical course on how and how not to use face coverings and gloves.

Lessons: 1

Reassuring Guests

An interactive course providing scenario-based training on some of the anticipated interactions and suggested responses between guests and frontline teams across Lodging, FSR, QSR and FRS.

Lessons: 3

Lesson Examples

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