About Lobster Ink

Lobster Ink is an education company specialising in the hospitality industry. The company shares the collective purpose of improving and uplifting the service standards and product knowledge in the top hospitality establishments in the world.

The Lobster Ink education platform is built around the creation and delivery of detailed, high-definition courses on international skills, international standards and product knowledge, using a powerful online learning and assessment environment to ensure ease of access and focused, measurable training outcomes.

With these courses as a foundation, Lobster Ink works with leading hospitality groups and establishments to create bespoke courses that capture the standards, culture and heritage of each specific brand, and facilitate the sharing, learning and assessment of these standards across the organization.

By building relationships through expert partners, Lobster Ink aims to ensure that it is constantly at the forefront of new and exciting trends in the hospitality industry, creating course content and learning tools that will help staff and management in hospitality establishments to achieve new levels of guest experience.