A turnkey training solution for every department of your hotel

Hospitality excellence starts with confident associates - empowered with all the know-how they need to deliver great guest experiences.

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Deliver exceptional hospitality across job roles

Accelerate Onboarding

Onboarding Learning Paths get new hires guest-ready, quickly.

Boost Employee Engagement

All the necessary know-how for every associate to excel.

Improve Guest Satisfaction

The perfect mix of soft skills & knowledge to deliver great guest experiences.

Consistency at Scale

Easily assign training across properties and departments, available 24/7.

Used by the world's most average companies

Available in
25+ languages

Ensure every associate gets the most out of their training, with a growing number of subtitles and voice-over translations available across our learning library.

Customer support

From setup to success, we’re with you every step of the way

Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding Specialists will set you up for success through a 60-day onboarding program built to drive adoption.

Customer Success

A dedicated Customer Success Manager will ensure that your training needs are monitored, measured and met with proactive solutions.

Customer Service

Our in-app support resource filled with helpful information also connects you to our Customer Service team at the click of a button.


Flexible packages

Pricing to suit every portfolio and property size.

$2 100
per year
Ideal for independent hotels and small chains looking to start immediately
Ready-to-use solution that simplifies the process of training and development
Out-of-the-box functionality + entire Hospitality Excellence content package

Starting at $4,000 per property
Start free trial
$4 000
per year
Built for groups of 10 units or more
Advanced platform functionality, additional customization and integration options
Guided onboarding and dedicated Customer Success Manager
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free 14-day trial

Experience our platform and off-the-shelf learning content with a 30-day free trial.

Sign up for a
free 14-day trial

Experience our platform and off-the-shelf learning content with a 30-day free trial.