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Speech Synthesis

Cost-effective updates. Faster.

Using the latest editing software and Neural Machine Translation technologies, Lobster Ink facilitates end-to-end automation of translation file-handling. This means we’re able to translate all voice over and on-screen text in multiple languages simultaneously. Now, you can create custom content solutions and deploy them in multiple languages more efficiently than ever.

Your training. Translated at the speed of change.

In addition to using AI to translate scripts and titles, we’re also able to cater to the iterative-deployment needs of large organizations with speech synthesis. By using artificial speech over human voice-over artists we’ve drastically reduced the time and monetary costs of translations while easily accommodating updates. This video shows an example.

Culturally-sensitive. Internationally-relevant.

True localization is about more than translated training material. This is why our custom content approach is focused on capturing the regional, brand and cultural differences applicable to the subject matter. Because using real people, in real locations adds important context that is integral to effective learning.

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Enterprise-class Workspace

Enterprise-class Workspace

A bespoke and secure learning solution with searchable content, built on the world’s most-trusted cloud, Microsoft Azure.

Action-oriented Reporting

Action-oriented Reporting

Based on the Kirkpatrick model, our Engage Progress Perform measurement framework links training to operational impact.

Learning Paths

Learning Paths

Ensure job-readiness and eliminate redundant training with curated sequences of courses tailored to specific job roles.